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General information

More information about the Republic of Macedonia and the town of Stip can be found on the following links:

Travelling to Stip

Information about entering the Republic of Macedonia can be found on the following link:

The closest airport to Stip is the Alexander the Great Airport in Skopje (80 km distant from Stip). The closest surrounding airports are the Airport in Sofia, Bulgaria, and the Airport in Thessaloniki.

If your flight is to Skopje, there are regular busses and taxi cabs from the Alexander the Great Airport to the City Bus Station in Skopje, from where you can take a bus to Stip (there are regular bus lines from Skopje to Stip on every hour until 8 p.m-). Information about the bus timetable can be found on the following link One way bus ticket from Skopje to Stip costs around 300 MKD Denars (5 EUR).

Accomodation in Stip

Regarding accommodation during your Erasmus stay in Stip you can choose between private accommodation and dormitory. We advise you to apply for Erasmus Buddy or contact the Erasmus coordinator.

Weather in Stip

The area surrounding Stip suffers from deforestation which contributes to the temperature extremes, summers are hot and dry with temperatures quite often above 40°C, and winters are cold and snowy (but short), with winter minimums going to −10°C.

More information about the weather forecast in Stip can be found at: