Faculty of Tourism creates electronic tools for development of tourism in the Balkans

The implementation of the Erasmus + program aimed to address innovation and exchange of positive practices has recently started among higher education institutions in the Balkans.

Through this program, the Project for shaping the future education in tourism will be implemented and it will include higher education institutions from Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria and Croatia. Goce Delcev University as an initiator and coordinator of this project organized the first meeting of the coordinative groups, and made arrangements for the future engagements in the 30-month period to come.

The project includes two working groups that will work regardless of each other. The first group will work on the identification of the national dishes of the participating countries, their selection and their presentation in a form of e-tool which in a very easy way can compute the nutrition value of the meals. The second group will work on development of a modern tool for management of accommodation facilities, which will be available online for all students who want to advance their knowledge in this area.

Teachers and assistants of the Faculty of Tourism and Business Logistics support the project; they will supply most of the information (theoretical and practical) and most of the involved students will come from the same Faculty.