US Doctor gave lecture to students of UGD

Dr. Brick Lantz, USA orthopedist surgeon, today gave a lecture to students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at UGD. Dr. Lantz noted that his lecture partly covered infections in total joints, knee and hip replacements, however he pointed out that most of it was dedicated to how to become a good orthopedic surgeon, how to do a good medical history and good physical exam, a theme that he considered more adequate for medical students. 

Dr. Lantz, in his interview for UGD TV and Radio, underlined that he was very impressed by the orthopedic surgeons he cooperated with, he praised their outstanding training and practice, but also talked about the necessity of better equipment and tools which are extremely important in orthopedics, something that might be an issue here. During his lecture, Dr. Lantz had a chance to ask the students some difficult questions and they had the answers. He said that in medical education it was not only important to learn and know the facts, but it was more important to know how to think and he was impressed that Macedonian students were very skilled in how to think and solve problems.

Stefan Tashkov, a student at the Faculty of Medical Science, said that the students were pleased their lecturers were renowned professors in the field. Dr. Lantz was part of the exchange of US physicians with their colleagues from Macedonia in order to exchange experiences and knowledge.