Public procurements

Public procurements

Congressional Network and Centre for Vocational and Technical Skills


Publication reference: 2007CB16IPO007-2012-3-019-PP2/03


Goce Delchev University in Shtip, Republic of Macedonia intends to award a supply contract for Provision of Equipment for Congressional Network and Centre for Vocational and Technical Skills in Plachkovica with financial assistance from the Bulgaria – the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia IPA Cross-border Cooperation (CBC) Programme 2007-2013, CCI Number: 2007CB16IPO007-2012-3-019 of the European Union. The tender dossier is available from the internet webpage of Goce Delchev University in Shtip, Krste Misirkov bb, 201, Shtip 2000, Republic of Macedonia , and from the JTS webpage .

The deadline for submission of tenders is by 12.00 hours, local time, and July 2nd 2014. Possible additional information or clarifications/questions shall be published on the Contracting Authority’s website:

Centre for Education Tendering documents LOP (.zip)




Supply, Installation and Service of Equipment for Kitchen, Restaurant and Congress hall for the Congressional Network and Centre for Vocational and Technical Skills


1.       Publication reference


2.       Date of publication


3.       Programme title

IPA 2007CB16IPO007-2012-3

4.       Contracting authority

Goce Delchev University in Shtip

5.       Reason for cancellation

After close review of submitted tender documents the evaluation team concluded that there had been no valid offers that satisfy conditions for Lot no. 3, Conference room furniture.[1] The only offer that had arrived at the address of the Contracting Authority was much higher than the anticipated in the Application form.


Should a new tender procedure be launched for this project, a new contract notice will be published, unless the contracting authority awards the contract through a negotiated procedure – in which case only the award of the contract will be published.

[1]For your orientation, see section 2.4.13 of the Practical Guide providing a series of cases of cancellation.