Science and research

“Goce Delcev" University – Shtip cultivates and creates academic values which are traditionally placed very high on the general scale of social values. The positive academic values are based on the moving force that derives from the scientific activities to larger extent. The University’s heritage, the University’s independence-autonomy, the University’s credibility are the basic elements on which new generations of intellectuals, eminent professionals, people with qualities would undoubtedly be created, that could bear the responsibility for the future of the society. The scientific researches develop the individual capacities of each individual toward that direction as an important segment of the University’s academic community. 

The scientific researches that are carried out at the University as fundamental and applicable - developmental are based on the individual project approach that reflects and assures the minimal development of the academic core. The scientific researches of the University are performed within the frameworks of the faculties, i.e. within the frameworks of their departments.