Twenty nine students from UGD are due to depart on the ground of Erasmus exchange programme

Students from almost each faculty at UGD, participating in the exchange programmes, are departing to different EU countries. Estonia, Romania, Slovenia and many other countries are going to be hosts to twenty nine students from the University “Goce Delcev”. Last week the students had signed the abiding agreements for one semester at some of the European universities with which UGD have signed the Erasmus exchange agreement.

“I am leaving for a university in Romania. I expect to get acquainted with their culture and I hope to meet many people from other European countries. I expect to learn some Romanian language, because I think every language is a life advantage” – said the student Angel Nikolov enrolled at the Faculty of Philology.

All the students were happy to be a part of the Erasmus programme. The decision where the student will abide is made by the Erasmus people in cooperation with the students and according to their study programmes.

“During the application process for this programme I had an idea to study in Slovenia, but in the course of selection, it was decided that I and another colleague from Stip should leave for Estonia. It was decided that some other students should be sent to Slovenia, because the study programme is more adequate for those studying Business Logistics. We are set to go to the Security Science Academy in Talin and we are supposed to leave next month”- said Kire Trajkov, a student at the Faculty of Economics at UGD.

Obviously students have informed themselves beforehand about the Erasmus programme,   because a great number of them want to spend a certain period of time at some European universities to study.

“I have wished to participate in such a programme for a long time. I was a part of AISEK, which is an organization for abiding in a foreign country. My application wasn’t accepted through that programme. Since now I have a chance, I applied. I had an information that Erasmus offers various conveniences for the students, but yet I didn’t have an idea how it functions. After I had seen what is the programme about, it seemed as a good chance and I took it”-said Katija Posohin, a student at the Faculty of Tourism and Business Logistics at UGD.

The Erasmus exchange programme starts for the first time at the University “Goce Delcev”.There was a great interest about it. The selection procedure is over and the first students are about to leave towards the middle of February. In this cycle of the Erasmus exchange programme two employees are departing as well, as a part of teachers and staff exchange programme. The employees are departing for Slovenia and Bulgaria.