How to Motivate Students to Love Math

Through the project entitled Mathematical debate, Goce Delchev University along with several partner institutions in the country and abroad will define the needs of students from 11 to 15 years for the study of mathematics and in doing so will try to make math the favorite subject to students.

"We know that we have had a series of debates on whether mathematics is sufficiently represented in the educational system and whether we need to study it more. This project aims to bring mathematics closer to the students and thus the subject to become a favorite among students. This project was awarded by international institutions and we hope it will produce results. The problem with mathematics is the motivation of the students, but also the teachers who probably need to adjust teaching programs",said Professor Tatiana Atanasova Pachemska, coordinator of the project.

The project is in cooperation with three schools from Skopje, Varna (Bulgaria) and Alba Iulia (Romania). Project partner is the South-West University “Neofit Rilski” in Bulgaria, as well as two organizations that support mathematical research: the Macedonian Research Society and the Cyprus Mathematical Society.

"Our role as teachers is to contribute to improve the overall success of students in Mathematics. We often wonder why we have bad results, so we hope that these types of debates will help us see what can bring a positive contribution in improving this situation. I hope that thanks to our experience we will establish best practices in the future, because the benefit will be both for students and teachers", said Alexandra Peshevska Mitanovska, professor in Mathematics and Physics at the primary school “Ljuben Lape” in Skopje.

The project will last two years and will help students and teachers to establish new practices and new methods in the study of mathematics. The goal of the project is one of the least favorite   subjects to students in two years’ time to become one of the most popular.