Doctors from the United States held lecture on resistance to antibiotics

Dr. Brian White, who is an infectious disease specialist coming from San Antonio, Texas, gave a lecture on antibiotic resistance and the danger of this phenomenon to the students of the Faculty of Medicine at UGD.

Dr. White noted that the cooperation has been established with the Faculty and the University in Shtip and that the topic he teaches is very interesting and up-to-date.

I came at the invitation of the Dean and the Faculty to talk about resistance to antibiotics, prescribing antibiotics and how to decrease the resistance problem. This is a major and a global problem, we have this problem in the US; Europe has it and certainly Macedonia. Each state has its own national strategy. Macedonia has just completed the five year plan and is already working on a draft of new strategic plan for the next five years,” said Dr. Brian White.

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine noted that the University professors and experts are already working on this issue and are involved in the preparation of national strategies.

Professor Milka Zdravkovska, Professor Velo Markovski and Professor Vaso Taleski are active participants in the center for prevention of this problem. They help prevent overuse of antibiotics thanks to their knowledge. I think that the awareness of this problem is   growing among ordinary people and it already gives results,” said Professor Rubin Gulaboski.