Joint lecture and workshop with professors from Europe at the Faculty of Economics

Professors from Luxembourg and Poland today gave a lecture and a workshop to the students of the Faculty of Economics at Goce Delchev University.

“Today, the students had the opportunity to receive a lecture from a research expert coming from Luxembourg Fidanovski Filip, and he presented the theory of the game. Our students had the opportunity to expand their theoretical knowledge. Within the project, which is funded by the World Bank and the University of Pennsylvania, we will have the opportunity to realize a workshop titled Idea Lab where students will express their opinions on different topics that will be channeled to the relevant institutions,” said Assistant Professor Darko Lazarov, PhD.

Both the lecture and the workshop were attended by all students, of all teaching centers of the Faculty of Economics. The lecturer, Filip Fidanovski is an economic expert from Macedonia who has been working abroad for a longer period of time.

 “At the invitation of my dear colleague Darko Lazarov I gave a lecture on the importance of financial stability and the financial sector. After this section, I briefly talked about the basics of game theory, primarily for non-cooperative games that can be associated with moments of making decision and decision-making in stressful situations,” said Professor Filip Fidanovski coming from a University in Luxembourg.

Within this event, the workshop was joined by Professor Gjorgjija Petkovski from a University in Poland via an internet connection. Together with the students from UGD, he generated ideas that will articulate the needs of young people from this region.