Doctors from the USA held workshop in plastic surgery at UGD

Today two doctors from the USA held a lecture on plastic surgery and breast cancer treatment for students, doctors and professors. 

“I am here at the invitation of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Macedonia in order not only to teach, but also learn from doctors here. This is a great privilege for me to speak to the students at UGD. Today I will discuss the basics of plastic surgery”, said Dr. David Larson, a plastic surgeon in Milwaukee, USA.

Both doctors stressed that students in Shtip are theoretically well prepared and that they enjoyed good mutual cooperation.

“My experience is different. This is my third year coming to Macedonia. I noticed that students are greatly interested in medical education. There are study programs that are slightly different from ours in the US and it is one of the reasons we are here. Whenever we come, we learn a lot about the system and what I can say is that until now the quality of students we have been working with is great”, said Dr. James Woods, a surgeon in Milwaukee.

These lectures are part of a project and almost every week doctors from renowned clinics and universities in the US are present at the University Goce Delchev in Shtip and they share the latest trends in the field of medicine with the students. Students affirm that what they have an opportunity to hear from these top professionals is impossible to hear anywhere else. According to the statements from the Faculty of Medical Sciences, this practice will continue and the cooperation with universities and clinics in the US will deepen.