The African pharmacists completed the course in Raiopharmacy

The end of the course in Radiopharmacy was marked by conferring certificates to the course participants from Africa. The course was organized by the IAEA and the University Goce Delchev in Shtip. More than two months pharmacists from 22 African countries stayed at the Univrsity Goce Delchev and received lectures from UGD professors. Part of the training was conducted by the University Institute for positron emission tomography (PET), where the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the PET center and to attend lectures by experts from Italy, from the Universities of Ferrara and Parma.

The Head of the project was Prof. Dr. Emilia-Janevik Ivanovska, who believes that this project is of great importance and it can be upgraded in future and grow into a summer school.

 “The course lasts for eight-weeks. This is something that happens for the first time as a pilot study and is collaboration between the University Goce Delchev and the International Atomic Energy Agency. The University Institute for positron emission tomography is more involved in practical training of the participants of the course and it will help us get a full picture, because this program was passed by the Senate of UGD and so it leaves room for possible signing of cooperation agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation for the Division for Europe visited the course and that gesture leaves a door ajar for cooperation with our University and the PET center, and for promoting this training course into a summer school. I hope that by next year UGD and the PET center will become a recognizable mark in the education of this kind, nevertheless we should not stop thinking of some other types of collaboration. More and more professors and lecturers from European countries are coming, also professors from UGD take part, as well as experts from our country so this course has become something that is recognizable by quality and guarantees that the cooperation and the realization of such projects can be successful. The University has the capacity for such projects, and the PET Center also guarantees that we will be successful in the implementation of such projects,” said Professor Emilia Janevik-Ivanovska.

Among the lecturers was Mr. Adriano Duatti, a Professor at the University of Ferrara, Italy, where he teaches Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry.

This is highly important project because for the first time the Agency assists and funds this type of training courses, in this case for Africa, where there is a dramatic need for education in the field of radiopharmacy. I have no doubt that this is a crucial event and I think  Macedonia should be very proud to be hosting such an event, which is one of the most important activities, and I hope this is the way for the Agency to improve education in the field of radiopharmacy . This is a wonderful course, well organized, thanks to Professor   Janevik, who did a great job, and I also have to say that the students were very active, interactive, and this was a very successful course,” said Prof. Dr. Adriano Duatti.

Francesca Ravanetti and Luisa Ragionieri, both researchers in veterinary anatomy at the University of Parma, Italy, were involved in presenting the research work in the field of radiopharmacy to the participants of the course.

I am in Macedonia for the first time. For me, this is a great opportunity to gain new experience with these students, and this is an opportunity for me to teach the students from Africa about my area of interest in radiopharmacy, about the anatomy of animals, who are included in various experiments and researches,” said Francesca Ravanetti.

Luisa Ragionieri, researcher in veterinary anatomy at the University of Parma, expressed satisfaction with the interactivity shown by the pharmacists from Africa.

 “The students were very interactive, they asked many questions and it was interesting for us, because it helped find out what they were actually more interested in so I could do more for them. I think the project is very important because these pharmacists come from developing countries and for them this is a great opportunity to be here and then apply the acquired knowledge in their countries in order to help people,” said Liuisa Ragionieri.

The Rector of UGD, Professor Dr. Blazo Boev, and Mr Joao Alberto OSSO JUNIOR, Head of Radioisotope Products and Radiation Technology Section from IAEA were present at the certificate conferring ceremony. The participants of the course expressed their gratitude, not only for the experience they had gained during the course, but also for the overall organization thanks to which they could see part of the beauty of Macedonia.