Lecture on Homeopathy at the Faculty of Medical Science

George Patapatiu, representative of the International Academy of Homeopathy in Greece, held a lecture to students of the Faculty of Medicine at UGD. The Dean of the Faculty of Medical Science, Professor Rubin Gulaboski noted that homeopathy may be the medicine of the future.

“Today we will attend the presentation of the basic principles of homeopathy and presentation of the curriculum for homeopathy introduced by Mr. George. He will explain how to become a   student of homeopathy and what are the benefits of studying it. Homeopathy will not be established   very soon, but its development and impact in many parts of the medicine is fascinating. We can say that it may evolve into one of the 21st century branches of medical science that will bring the greatest progress,” said Professor Rubin Gulaboski.

The representative of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy stated that he would like to expand the idea of homeopathy to the University Goce Delchev and he hopes to take the mutual cooperation further.

“We would like to establish contact with your university and see if we can share knowledge to help patients. We will have other meetings hoping to continue our cooperation,” said George Patapatiu, a representative of the International Academy of Homeopathy in Greece. 

The lecture took place in the amphitheater of Campus 2, and the full lecture can be found at the following link.