The ERA scholarship for 2017 granted to a UGD student


The Academy of European Law in Trier annually awards a scholarship to only one student from Europe. This year the scholarship has gone to the student of Goce Delchev University, Ivan Nikolov.

"I have the honor to be the first student from Macedonia to receive this renowned scholarship that allows me to attend the school where judges, prosecutors, lawyers and other legal practitioners will take part from around the world," says Nikolov, who applied for this scholarship on the recommendation of his professors at the Law School Olga Koshevaliska and Elena Maksimova.

This school offers the latest advancements in legislation, practices in all areas of criminal matters, and a visit to the European Court in Luxembourg is organized as well.

"It is of invaluable importance to attend this renowned school. My mentors, Olga Koshevaliska and Elena Maksimova, attended the school as legal practitioners. Now I have the honor, as a student, to be in Trier this summer. I am looking forward to expand the knowledge that I have already acquired during the current study and see how the criminal justice system functions beyond the borders of Macedonia, "said Nikolov.